Readers Write: Heroin and America's Spiritual Void; Hypocrisy on Putin's Ukraine Move

Readers Write: Heroin and America's spiritual void; Hypocrisy on Putin's Ukraine move
Letters to the Editor for the May 5, 2014 weekly magazine: Consumerism and technology are constantly trying to convince us of the self-evident absurdity that we can 'have it all'. In truth, we not only can't have it all, we really don't want it! The look at heroin addiction in American suburbia brings attention to the paucity of spiritual control in our YOLO ('you only live once') society. If …
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PIX11 Investigates: Exposing the heroin trail that is devastating lives across New York area
NEW YORK (PIX11) – Teri Kroll remembers going to the hospital, the ninth time that her son, Tim, tried to kill himself. This time, he was trying carbon monoxide poisoning in the family garage. Before he regained consciousness, a family …
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Hallucinating Away a Heroin Addiction
This junkie is about to begin a three-day, neo-African, sometimes-terrifying, ritualistic trip. Can it help her get clean?
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Mountainside Treatment Center Tackles Sharp Rise in Connecticut Heroin Abuse
With heroin abuse an urgent health crisis that has Connecticut in its grip, the new detoxification program, Mountainside Detox, is being created to alleviate the mounting need for additional treatment services in the state starting in late spring. (PRWeb May 06, 2014) Read the full story at
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All Things New – My Story of Overcoming Heroin Addiction – Reach Recovery

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