Seeking New Methods to Treat Heroin Addiction

Seeking new methods to treat heroin addiction
Heroin metabolises rapidly. One widely-held theory has been that heroin passes quickly into the brain where it is converted into morphine, and that what users are actually experiencing are the effects of morphine. As it turns out, however, heroin …
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Compulsive pornography users shows the same brain activity as alcoholics and
The area stimulated – the part of the brain involved in processing reward, motivation and pleasure – is the same part that is highly active among drug and alcohol addicts. brain scans showing stimulation levels in porn addicts. Lit-up: The brain scans …
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Western researchers find opiate addiction switch
Western University neuroscientists have added an important tool to the toolbox in our understanding of drug addiction, identifying a way that opiate addiction develops in the brain. Opiates like oxycontin and heroin have a powerful hold on people, so …
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