Tough Losses: Celebrities Who Died From Heroin Overdoses [PHOTOS]

Tough Losses: Celebrities Who Died From Heroin Overdoses [PHOTOS]
The death of Academy Award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman by way of heroin overdose this past Sunday (February 2) shocked fans worldwide. Sadly, Hoffman's struggles with addiction were known and he joins a growing list of celebrities who have …
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Heroin overdose antidote: Who gets to carry it?
Supporters say the opportunity to save potentially thousands of lives outweighs any fears by critics that the promise of a nearby antidote would only encourage drug abuse. At least 17 states and the District of Columbia allow naloxone — commonly known …
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The heroin blues: A story about love, addiction and loss
Many of Nathan's friends and colleagues were alarmed to read Facebook updates about losing his girlfriend – like Nathan, a Madison-area native – to a heroin overdose and his own struggles with addiction earlier this winter. In early February, he posted …
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Saline woman who lost son to heroin overdose starts Facebook campaign
Ray spoke about her son Monday night during the initial meeting of the Saline Community Addiction Task Force, a group put together by community leaders seeking to combat the rising tide of drug abuse. Ray told task force members she is still in a state …
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