We're as Hungry for Blood as a Vampire at a Vegan Restaurant: Christopher

We're as hungry for blood as a vampire at a vegan restaurant: Christopher
There was a ceramic model of the murder scene, the killer's twin pistols and an account of the trial . . . bound in leather flayed from the murderer's own skin. More ghastly still, Corder's scalp had been preserved, to fit over a bust of his head …
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Stevie Nicks: how an icon is born
In our day everybody was going, "It's not addictive, it's just recreational fun, blah blah blah.": Stevie Nicks. Photo: Jason Bell/Camera Press. It is a Thursday evening at …. After Cory Monteith, who played Finn Hudson, died of a heroin overdose in …
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Doctor warns killer Russian drug Krokodil could be in Gloucester
He specialises in treating the homeless, drug and alcohol addicts or people without access to a regular GP. He has noticed a … “It is cheap and nasty and causes damage to the point where you can see someone's bones through their skin. “There is a …
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