What Can You Do to Help a Drug Addict to Help Themselves?

Question by Nina: What can you do to help a drug addict to help themselves?
Do you take away their phone? do u just leave them alone if they are not listening? how do you treat them? do you show them love or punish them for being irresponsible, since you think its because of the drugs? for example if the person does not come home for 2 days and then comes and is very out of it and the whole time he was not answering ur phone calls. and he says some things that does not make sense. what do i do?

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Answer by indigosky
intervention. do dont enable him. everything you can take away take away. do nothing that will support or help him do or use drugs more easily. feed him thats it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kick him out of the house have rules and regulations. put your foot down or you will end up putting him down in the grown forever!

Answer by German Fee
send him to addiction treatment center, and help him stop any drug sources,

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