Which Drugs Were Commonly Used in Victorian London?

Question by : Which drugs were commonly used in Victorian London?
A little, doubtful side question here: did Victorians take any hallucinogenic mushrooms at all?
Yes, sorry, I meant recreational drugs. If not “commonly” then simply, which drugs? Many characters in Victorian literature have taken drugs so I find it hard to believe it was that uncommon?
Scratch that last part. Thank you. 🙂

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Answer by Alesha
Lodnum-which is an opium based solution that was used for an anesthetic or a painkiller.

Answer by Merryblueeyes
No drugs were used commonly if you mean for recreation. However, a small minority used opium and cocaine. Most became addicted when these drugs were used a pain killers. There were very few choices of anestheticsyone injured risked addiction.