How Do I Deal With This? Should I Just Leave It Alone? Please Respond…..?

Question by **hope/faith**1744: How do I deal with this? Should I just leave it alone? Please respond…..?
Last month my husbands BF died of a heroin overdose. since he had recently moved out of state we were unaware of his prob. We had to tell his fiance who is still living up here. When we did we discovered that she has a worse habit than he did. She is shooting up now and not snorting it like he was. Her house was horrible, filthy dirty, there was no food in the fridge and the worst part is that she has a 7 yr old little boy. She claims she is “only doing a gram a day”. But I don’t believe her. she is only 24 yrs old and my husband feels like it is our responsibility to force her to get help. I already called a bunch of detox and rehab facilities for her and gave her a bunch of info to help get her clean but she has made no attempt to help herself. she claims her mom knows about her habit, yet her son is still with her at her house. What should I do, I want to at least get her son out of that house, it is not fit for a child or even a human to be living in. Any advice would help.
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Answer by moviejen77
You have to call authorities. It’s hard, I know, but her son’s health and well being are are stake. Once social services gets involved maybe that will compel her to get the help she needs.

Answer by Katy
You can’t make someone go to rehab. They have to want to help themselves. Keep encouraging her to get help. As for the boy, call social services. They will remove him from the home and put him somewhere that is safer. Good luck with this!