Alternatives to Methadone for Babies?

Question by dena_girl26: Alternatives to Methadone for Babies?
My sister was taking Methadone while pregnant and after she had her son, he was put on Methadone because they started seeing withdrawal symptoms. She is now taking him to a different Pediatrician and she has never dealt with a baby on Methadone before. She lowered his dose a couple of times and has now completely taken him off of it but now has him on phenobarbital. He cries all time and doesn’t sleep at night AT ALL!!! My question is this – is there an alternative medication besides phenobarbital and methadone that he could be taking to help him with the withdrawal symptoms? I have read a little bit about buprenorphine but it seems like it is only for adults. Just serious answers please, I am trying to help my nephew!
I understand where you are all coming from, but here is the entire situation. My sister doesn’t have a car, has to take a bus or get a ride to appointments, is on Medicaid so is limited to doctors/pediatricians, and is on Methadone herself! She likes this pediatrician because she is really “trying” to learn. I myself would have taken him to someone who already had experience in it. I also tried to get her to go to Chicago to a methadone treatment place and I would pay but no luck!

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Answer by failingsanity22
more then likely your nephew is going to have a lot of emotional and physical handicaps which might contribute to his constant crying as well… I mean it isnt good that she was on methadone, especially since he came out addicted too it…. I wish you the best of luck, But i would search for doctors with more experience in this

Answer by Beverrlly
I think your question would be best be answered by a medical professional–not Yahoo Answers. This is too serious a matter to be answered by random internet strangers. If your sister’s pediatrician doesn’t have the information it is probably time for a second (or third) opinion until you find a doctor you feel comfortable with.