How Addictive Is Heroine and Cocaine?

Question by challenger: How addictive is heroine and cocaine?
I am just curious about how long it takes for u to get addicted to it…and another information about it!

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Answer by Marjorie S
do some research. it’s very addictive and all it takes is one time. dont they teach you about drugs in school?

Answer by PurrfectPeach
It depends on the size and strength of the doses, how it is taken (smoked, snorted, injected?) and the individual. FYI, mental dependency, feeling like you need the drug, is very different from physical addiction, where if you stop taking the drug you will experience withdrawal symptoms.

With marijuana, for example, you may become mentally dependent, and you may build a tolerance (need more to get high) but there is no physical withdrawal no matter how much or how long you use it. With heroin and cocaine, withdrawal is possible and can be very severe, even life-threatening.

It *is* possible to “get addicted after the first time” in that you do it once, like it, and keep doing it until you are addicted and dependent. It is also possible for someone to occasionally use the drug for years without ever becoming dependent or addicted. However, the risk of addiction is great enough that these are considered very dangerous drugs.

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