I Took Tramadol for 9 Days to Get Me Through Opiate Withdrawl?

Question by robyn p: I took tramadol for 9 days to get me through opiate withdrawl?
It’s been 10 days since I’ve eaten an opiate and 2 days since I took tramadol. I’m so weak and feel awful. Did I prolong my withdrawal? When will it stop? I thought after 10 days I was feeling good. Now what?!

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Answer by Emily
May I ask how long you've been using opiates? And are you under 25yo?
Tramadol probably didn't prolong your withdrawal, perhaps it numbed the painful effects. How long you'll be feeling this way depends upon how long you've used, your tolerance and age. I've a friend who was a long time opiate user who's just getting off, because he was started on them (by a doctor) young, it's been 20 years of agony to get off.
What I suggest is you drink ginger tea for the nausea (or you could use meds like gravol), and you could brew poppy seed tea to try to wean yourself. Some poppy seeds have been rinsed of the opioid-cannabanoid that rests on the outside of the seed, so this may not work first try. While I don't condone recreational drug use, weed can be very helpful in the recovery process, if need be. I wish you the best in your recovery.

Answer by Jason L
Hey there, so tramadol is a tricky one.. Here’s what most people don’t understand is that tramadol to some feels stronger than any other opiate around while with MOST, it hardly does anything which is why most people think it’s just gererally a weak opioid.. I’ve seen tramadol produce worse withdrawals than oxycodone and have also seen people prefer tramadol to much more popular opiates like Oxycontin(codone) etc.. because they get more of a high that lasts a lot longer from the tramadol. From my research, the reason for this is because a very small percentage of people process tramadol differently thus feeling the euphoria a LOOOT more than others. You might also be dealing with the SSRI factor.. (Selective Seretonin Reuptake Inhibitor) which is basically an anti-depressant so coming off of that can caus depression, weakness and just general feeling like crap.. But trust me, tramadol withdrawal is no joke (if you feel tramadol to begin with) SO yes, very very possible the tramadol set you back..In fact, I would bet MONEY on it that the tramadol is the ONLY reason you are feeling like crap.

Ok, here is the best thing you can do right now. If you haven’t heard of it, do some reasearch on “Kratom” You can buy it almost anywhere (headshops) but the best place to buy it is online like It is NOT an opiate but will completely 100% KILL any opiate withdrawal you are having and will probably make you feel like you just took some opiates. This is because it activates the exact same MU receptors in the brain as opiates do. Look into it.. It’s a life saver.. I’ve seen people go from hurtin’ to happy in 30 minutes. Take it on an empty stomach. You’ll be good.. It’s got a safe history of use, it’s LEGAL, it’s natural and it’s a better answer than “getting more pills” or “getting on suboxone” Just beware that there IS an addiction factor with it.. Not saying you WILL get addicted but people with a history of dependency to opiates will more than likely want to keep getting it. I would just use it to get you over the tramadol withdrawals.. The reason I think it’s tramadol withdrawal yer going through is because tramadol has a VERY long half life which means the withdrawals can last a few weeks as opposed to regular opiates which should only be about 4 days max.

Hope you feel better soon.

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