If I Did a Small Line of LOW Grade Heroin This Morning Around 9:30am, Can I Take a Suboxone Later in the Day?

Question by : If I did a small line of LOW grade heroin this morning around 9:30am, can I take a suboxone later in the day?
I have 2mg of Suboxone I want to take, and I do not even feel the effects of the small amount of heroin I did this morning. I’va taken suboxone and then heroin without getting sick, but never heroin and then suboxone before.

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Answer by justinfranksnj
It depends whether you are physically dependent on opioids. If you have been taking heroin regularly for more than a few days, you should wait at least 24-48 hours before taking Suboxone. Otherwise you take the risk of experiencing “precipitated withdrawal” — the buprenorphine knocks the heroin (or other opioid) from your receptors, which will basically cause instant withdrawal.

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