Pratt: I Wanted to Have My Day in Court

Pratt: I wanted to have my day in court
Michael Cook, 29, who allegedly drove Pratt to and from the scene and is currently incarcerated at the Ulster County Jail on unrelated charges, testified that while sitting in a truck outside Myer's residence, he heard two “loud bangs” that sounded …
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First in a Series: Why did the FDA approve Zohydro ER?
Is the FDA more concerned about acetaminophen over long periods of time causing liver injury than concerned with a heroin-like prescribed opioid with the potential of killing and addicting in the tens of thousands? Keep reading Attorneys …
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Just Say No To These 11 Outrageous Arguments Against Legalizing Marijuana
The authors point out that while some heavy marijuana users do experience symptoms of clinical dependency and feel discomfort or withdrawal when trying to quit, kicking a pot addiction doesn't lead to the same type of intense, dangerous physical and …
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