Idaho Woman Loses Appeal in Cord Blood Drug Case

Idaho woman loses appeal in cord blood drug case
When the newborn baby showed signs of opiate withdrawal, authorities sent the umbilical cord for drug testing, which they said confirmed the presence of methadone. Neal was charged with possession of methadone and the next year entered a guilty plea, …
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The Coleman Institute Releases New Videos Describing Business on Rehab
The videos are meant to describe the business and industry best practices for Florida Addiction, Detox Tampa, and Seattle Addiction Treatment. The Coleman Institute is recognized as one of the most successful and innovative … The Coleman Institute …
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The Shaman Will See You Now
Beyond fueling an intense trip, lab studies have shown that ibogaine temporarily interrupts cravings and withdrawal symptoms in people addicted to heroin and other opiates. Despite … The men were transported to a federal detention center south of …
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