Opiate Detox: Oxycontin Addiction-Causes and Treatment

We all consume medicines to treat some diseases and relieve ourselves from pain or suffering but unfortunately sometimes these medicines affect our mind and body adversely. To our very surprise these medicines which are taken to cure disease sometimes becomes our addiction and that is where the problem starts. Oxycontin falls under this genre of narcotic painkillers, which contains chemical called opioids, which bind with the receptors in brain, and it is addictive if taken for a long period. Oxycontin is prescribed to people who suffer from chronic pain or any injury. But if the person continue having this drug then they are likely to get addictive to this painkiller.

However, people derives different feeling from this drug, but normally people feels a sense of ‘high’ after consuming this drug. Oxycontin is either taken intranasal that is sniffing it up into the nose or intravenously that is mixing the medicine with water then injecting it inside the body with a syringe through the veins. Other opiates drug includes Heroin, Vicodin, Morphine; Percodan etc. can become serious in the course of time and might have to undergo treatment to cure the Oxy Addiction. Due to its addictive quality, Oxycontin addiction is increasing at a faster pace mainly among younger people. According to reports college and school students in United States are having Oxycontin without prescription thereby increasing the rate of .

When this drug is consumed it creates a pleasant feeling in the mind of the addict, but after the effect wears off then the person feels a sense of irritation and discomfort thereby making the person highly dependent on this drug. As Oxycontin addiction is strong enough so as its withdrawal effect. A person who is highly addicted to this drug can suffer from vomiting, shaking violently, unbearable pain and even uncontrollable diarrhea. If the addiction goes out of control then proper treatment is necessary to minimize the Oxy addiction. The detoxification can be very painful and unbearable for the patients. To ease the pain of detoxification of the drug there are opiate detox facilities using medicines like Suboxone.

To free a person completely from the addiction they should be admitted to a drug rehabilitation centre, where under residential complex patients are treated with different treatment procedure thereby helping them both mentally and physically to overcome the Oxycontin addiction. If diagnosed at an early stage, Oxy addiction is also curable thereby gifting a person a normal and healthy life.

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