Are U Addicited to Internet? How Many Hours Do You Spend on It? What Is Your Solution?

Question by Gooch: Are U addicited to Internet? How Many Hours do You spend on it? what is your solution?
also please share what you have sacrifed in life because of this addiciton?

for me:

I think too much, mabye several hours in the weekend days, and few hours at week days, but then it mean I sleep less and I felt this is not healthy because I feel I am not living in real life, although Iam not online “flirting” or chitchat with guys, and I think some stuff I do are meaningful but I think I do have problem and addicition, PLease share what your solution.

Best answer:

Answer by Shauna
o dear i was in the same boat i sacraficed a cup of tea with my family most of the time 😛 but i new i had to stop so what i did is i went out walking or just outside sitting down reading a book or something.. its ok to spend a while on it once you dont spend a long time… if you feel like your getting addicted when your on it just minus out of it get a cup of tea and go outside or sit down and watch you favourite series on tv.. hope i helped hun.. 🙂 xx

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4 Responses to “Are U Addicited to Internet? How Many Hours Do You Spend on It? What Is Your Solution?”

  • Tom Duong:

    i’am an addict to the internet, i spent 24 hours on it, i break it up between home computer and my cell phone internet services. i have it also on the go for facebook and msn ect. even thought you’re an addict you still have to get up and move around, work, exercise, ect.

  • sweet.spicy76:

    I don’t like to use the word “addiction” when talking about behaviors that cannot cause physical dependency. People can be addicted to substances such as nicotine, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, etc. because their bodies go through physical withdrawal when they stop using these substances. The process of detoxification and withdrawal can be painful and sometimes life threatening.

    What you’re referring to is more accurately defined as a compulsive behavior, and almost anything can become compulsive, from internet usage to gambling to eating. I’m online for about an hour or so per day, usually but not always during the evening. I find it helps me wind down after a busy day and don’t consider it to be a problem.

    Any behavior becomes a problem if starts to interfere with normal daily functioning. Your question indicates that you feel this is the case with your internet usage. Unlike physical addictions, you don’t have to worry that reducing the amount time you spend online poses a health risk. So, the answer is pretty simple: stop going online so much. Find something else to do in “real life”: join a club, volunteer, go out with your friends, work out, and so on. If you’re engaging in these activities, you’ll feel more socially connected, be physically healthier, and/or do some good in the world.

  • homer j fong:

    Do more heroin it? will skinny you up.

  • homer j fong:

    You’re too fat be bulimic you big? fat fatty.