County Gets Federal Grant to Reduce Drug Addiction

County gets federal grant to reduce drug addiction
Oregon in 2010-11 had the highest rate of prescription-drug abuse in the country at 6.4 percent, compared with 4.6 percent nationwide, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Community Justice officials said …
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Britain has highest rate of addiction to heroin and alcohol in Europe
A new report labels Britain as the “addiction capital of Europe” for having one of the highest rates of dependence on heroin and alcohol. The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) said in a report released on Sunday that the UK has the greatest number of …
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NYC Opioid Overdose Rates Show Effects of Prescription Drug Crisis on Urban
Looking to analyze changes in demographics and factors contributing to opioid overdose and fatality for both prescription opioids (analgesic and methadone, which is historically used to treat heroin addiction) and heroin, the investigators used New …
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