How an Adict of Heroin Could Be Cured at Home Who Not Afored the Expenses of Hospital.?

Question by ukhaisari m: how an adict of Heroin could be cured at home who not afored the expenses of hospital.?

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Answer by Ms Know Nada
Ask a doctor for a perscription to subutex is my best advice. It was publicized a while back that that was what Artie Lange of the Stern show used to overcome his addiction to heroin. I have no idea how expensive they are, but they are surely cheaper than the habit.

Good Luck!

Here is a number that you can call…
“By law, we must adhere to the healthcare regulations governing an individual’s rights of privacy. Our help is free, there is no charge whatsoever. Any communication with us is strictly confidential. The Alcohol and Drug Addiction Resource Center, we’re here to help.”
Free alcoholism, rehab, drug addiction help for immediate local & Nat’l information, call 1 800 784 6776
(outside the U.S: 1 215 784 1120)

Answer by Bec
if u can afford heroin, you can afford a hospital check….

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