I Need Help With Withdrawals?

Question by Rita: I need help with withdrawals?
Just so you know, im not looking for “validation for my addiction”.
Im 19, female.
Ive been illegally addicted to xanax for about a year now.
I take about 3 bars a day.
And ive finally reached a point where i cant get them anymore.
So how do i deal with the “cold turkey” withdrawals?
I feel like complete shit and my moods are ALL OVER THE PLACE.
Is there ANYTHING to help these symptoms?

Best answer:

Answer by Not Sure
You need to eat and just suffer through it. You need to find a hobby and set some long term goals that you can realistically achieve. You need to replace your addiction with another addiction like a sport or a musical instrument or college. Well college is much of an addiction, but it will make you a better person.

Answer by Jules
Go to a doctor to get help. Just tell him/her that you’ve been getting them from the internet. A doctor may prescribe xanax to you to help and supervise you in weaning off of them.

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